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Understanding The Importance Of Lubricant Election In Optimising Hydraulic Equipment Productivity

Today’s lubricants need to meet higher performance requirements than ever before, especially when you consider the demanding operating conditions such as those found in plastics manufacturing facilities.
For hydraulic machines, there are a number of lubricant options you can consider. But, just because a machine will run with a particular product does not mean that the product is the best choice for your equipment’s operating needs.
In fact, the increased speeds and higher temperatures at which hydraulic machinery must operate – combined with demands for better reliability – mean that selecting the right oil is more critical than ever.
While choosing a hydraulic lubricant that meets the minimum standard requirements won’t lead to sudden and catastrophic failure, it will shorten the useful life of your equipment and eventually have a negative impact on your bottom line.
So, when selecting the right product for your application, it’s important to choose a hydraulic oil with the following properties:
  • Reliable air release
  • Shear stability
  • Anti-wear protection and
  • The right pumpability.
These performance enhancements will help you drive maximum output and productivity.
You should also look for hydraulic oils that are formulated with special viscosity improver additives to ensure smooth operation over a wide range of temperatures.
These oils will be able to provide a high degree of anti-wear protection under extreme conditions, offering thicker oil film at operating temperature, which will help you extend the life of your equipment, reduce unnecessary equipment downtime, and maximise productivity.

the date: Saturday, July 15, 2017